Michael Pietrobon has been juggling the hats of director, cinematographer and editor for, well...a very long time.  As comfortable leading a cast and crew of fifty or going rogue in the most remote places on Earth, Michael is part of a rare breed of directors known for both creative reach and technical capacity.  With a trademark sense of fun and playfulness he has trotted the globe telling stories with quirky good humor, emotional warmth and great visual style.

From U.S. Presidents, screen legends, captains of industry, supermodels and music royalty, Michael has been trusted with the care of some of the worlds most visible brands.  Along the way he's left a trail of awards including over 40 Tellys, The New York Festivals Gold Award, the Adweek Silver Icon Award, Cable Mark Award, The Charleston International Festival Gold and Bronze Awards and a whole bunch of others that make really terrific doorstops.

Michael has worked extensively thoughout North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and India.       He lives in the desert in California.